When I can't think no more, and the thoughts crowd my head, I let them out, one at a time, and after sorting them, put them back together again…in order to begin entangling another web!

Plunging Down, Bobbing Up

On the heels of yesterday’s happiness and gratitude for the year gone by comes the following thought:

What is one supposed to do when someone comes so close that when they take even a step away, it makes one feel that they have gone too far?
And what is one supposed to do when someone goes so far that if they took even one step closer, one would think, come on just one more step, it’s not so far?

Oscillating between depths and heights,

Swinging between highs and lows,

Struggling to keep my head above water,

My heart insists on being morose.

I try hard, so hard, not to reach out, not to ask,

Am I going to lose this battle today?

Just a little more courage, just a bit more,

No one will see my tears, but for a while I might need a mask.


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2 thoughts on “Plunging Down, Bobbing Up

  1. Answer to the first two questions, I think it’s called dependence, one’s happiness hangs on every little thing this person does, even unknowingly smiles, or is preoccupied, or happens to glance this way – the person may or may not notice this.

    • I agree IHM. I also believe that this dependence is pretty irrational and immature. One needs to be a lot more aware of one’s feelings and the direction in which they are headed. This dependence is the destructive kind of “love” (very often unrequited) that becomes obsession, and one needs to be extremely cautious. It is very different from healthy respect and admiration that are more likely to act as foundation for long-lasting love.
      On another note, thank you so much for dropping by. I have admired your writing and passion for talking about gender equality for long. You do it so well, without ever indulging in male-bashing that feminists very often are accused of. Have fun in Mumbai, and enjoy 2012!

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