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Parents were children…once upon a time!

It is only as parents that we understand the binding on a parent to always do the best for their children, to always put children first, and to make sure that their children are most comfortable at any point in time. As children it is impossible to understand this need.
Until we are children, we constantly complain that our parents don’t do enough. Ironically, our parents also say the same – they didn’t do enough.
But we don’t realize this similarity until we find ourselves asking another question – how can parents do more?
Children forget what they’ve received. And parents forget what they’ve given.
Somehow, the generation gap doesn’t make a difference. In some respects, both children and parents think in exactly the same manner:
1. The house is not large enough.
2. The children’s room is not large enough.
3. The house doesn’t look beautiful enough.
4. The food is not tasty enough.
5. We don’t eat great food often enough.
6. The children need more clothes.
7. The children need more shoes.
8. The children need this … need that …oh, and that too!
9. The children could have done that for their parents. Oh never mind!
So, why is there a difference of opinion between parents and children?


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