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OMG! – God exists but do we need to prove it?

This question is inspired by the movie OMG – Oh My god that I watched last evening. I don’t particularly care for Mr. Akshay Kumar, but my son was most insistent that I must watch this movie. He even tried to motivate me by saying that Akshay Kumar’s role in this movie is very limited, and the movie is all about how we perceive God, and carries some important messages.

So, here’s what I understood from the movie – God exists – everywhere. We don’t need to segregate God into special places like temples, masjids, gurudwaras, and churches. God exists in everyone, not just stone statues. God doesn’t want to be appeased or bribed – making another human/living being happy would be an excellent form of worship too.

And this vibes with my thinking very well. I am not just being lazy when I don’t feel like going to the temple. I don’t mean to be uncharitable to the priests at the temple. But something inside me does not agree with the entire concept of having rituals and customs for everything to prove that we believe in God, and are good people.

A dialogue from OMG stayed with me – “Indians are not God-loving, but God-fearing people”. Very true, and that’s why we don’t feel free to do what we want. Instead of listening to our consciousness and ensuring that we do the right thing, we confine ourselves to doing the right thing as defined by our religious interpretations. And that does not make much sense to me. For example, if eating non-vegetarian food is wrong on certain days, why is it alright on other not-so-well-recognized-by-Hindu-religion days, like a Sunday?

And after the movie finished, I was very sure – my Mom, an extremely religious and, more importantly, a very ritualistic person, must watch this movie. My cousin, daughter, everyone agreed wholeheartedly, in fact a little vehemently.

Then, I went about doing my routine tasks, and took a warm shower. I don’t know whether it was the comfort of the routine or the calming warmth of the hot shower, but I started to question myself. My mom has lived by these ritualistic procedures all her life. In fact, she has changed her life constantly in order to include more and more of these customs into her daily routine. I could always trick her into watching this movie because it’s a hindi movie which she loves. But I wonder what’s the point? What will I achieve?

After all, this is how she plans to deal with whatever problems life chooses to mete out to her. This is her way of maintaining hope and her future dreams despite all the troubles that hit us everyday. This is how she recovers from her pains. Would i really be helping her by taking this support away? What would this intervention leave her with? More questions? Is that how I should help her – shake her beliefs and leave her wondering?

Somewhere, I realized, I just couldn’t do this to her. I need to indulge her whims, and not begrudge her anything, irrespective of how I feel about the rituals she chooses to follow. Somewhere, this movie helped me accept my Mom more than anything else could have done. How very ironic!


Q: Is it ever anything but torturous watching a parent (and best friend) slowly dying? Answer: NO!!

Q: Is it ever anything but torturous watching a parent (and best friend) slowly dying? Answer: NO!!.

Just read this post. OMG! It just comes and hits you somewhere deep within.  Very soulfully written, bittersweet in its impact.


When we land on Earth, we get to experience so many things, and these are good and bad. What we choose to pick up, and what we leave behind from this huge Garden of Eden defines how we are going to live. If I choose to pick up the right things, I might lead a more guilt-free but abstinent life, than if I choose something that gives me immediate relief now, but great pain later. So, what am I going to opt for? And why do my natural tendencies, my first reactions, my gut feel, my instinct prompt me to pick up one thing, and not the other? Is it that when I was traveling around the universe, I had some experiences that led me to make these choices?

Does this karma of the choices and actions impact what I am going to do next, or is it the result of my travels from planets beyond? from lest he has to return here when he realizes his mistake? What defines success and failure?


We come down in this world as souls adrift. Do we know what we are meant to do while we are here? Some of us seem to be so goal-oriented. Intent on success, we stride on our chosen paths. For others, most of us, the confusion lingers on, and we never know where we are going, where we have reached, how far ahead we have to go. We never even have a moment to identify all those places that we have passed by. In most of the life stories that I have read, I have seen people go through periods and periods of despair, confusion, and pain. Did they know that through this excruciating journey, they will one day find greatness? One day, people will look at them, and regard them with amazement for having achieved what they did. But does the worker know this while he toils? Or is he just concentrating on the task at hand, and completing that step he is taking at that moment? When he continues on to the next step, does he know that he has taken it in the right direction, or does he make a mental note of where he has started from lest he has to return here when he realizes his mistake? What does define success and failure?

As we live from day-to-day, is there a chance that we are wrong in calling life a journey? Maybe we don’t have to go anywhere at all. Maybe we have already reached where we had to. Maybe this earth, this planet is the one we were heading towards while continuing our galactic journeys? Maybe the reason we take human shapes only when we are born on Earth because that is where we were supposed to come to a stop. Here we can settle down, relax, and call it a permanent home, as permanent  as it can be called for the next 0 – 100 years. A life time, calculated in earth years. We come here, to take form, contribute, and deliver the payment (rent) for our stay on Earth. And then, going on, we will once again don the soul shape, and in that light, unformed, unconstrained, form, I can continue on to the next stop – the next planet, or galaxy perhaps? And depending on how adventurous I am, I will travel far, and away, and after making new discoveries, and gaining more experiences, one day I will drop down on Earth once again – my pit stop, and take a breather. Of course, I will need to obey the rules of the land, and take a body – whatever is available. Don’t really have a choice.

I would have seen so many things on my travels. And now I would like to share the shaping of my mind and my thoughts with others. Maybe, I do touch different souls, and tell them what I have gained, and lost. But these people will be different from the ones I had a chance to meet in my previous lifetime.

So, in that respect, maybe my life on Earth is not a journey, but a stay, a rest, and my travel is from and to Earth, not on Earth.

So, how do I want to look at life’s problems again? What do I want to think about all those happy times that I see on earth? Do I want to think about the time that I am losing from my journey through the universe by living longer on earth? Is that why I so often feel that I am wasting time, doing nothing? Is that why I feel better when I fall asleep, and acquire that dreamy weightlessness that allows me to travel across geographical boundaries, and even my yesterdays, and tomorrows? It gives me a chance to experience days and nights that I can never hope to live as the body that I have taken on Earth. Maybe that is why my dreams allow me a break – they take me away from Earth, and then giving me that bit of relaxation, bring me back, refreshed anew, and ready to live another day on Earth, and continue to be with others – my family, friends, and enemies.

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