When I can't think no more, and the thoughts crowd my head, I let them out, one at a time, and after sorting them, put them back together again…in order to begin entangling another web!

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Welcome 2014!

The new year has begun. And everyone wishes a very happy new year. I am feeling a little disconcerted with myself. I don’t see much of a change since yesterday. The year has changed certainly and we will write our dates differently. The newness comes from tge satisfaction of having ended the year doing something totally on my own terms. I return home, to my routine, with new vigour. I feel more confident of myself, more excited and hopeful about what’s coming next. And I feel determined to enjoy it all, good times, and bad times, warts and all! I love you life! Let’s join 2014 with a smile! Hey, get up! Get on with your next drive!


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