When I can't think no more, and the thoughts crowd my head, I let them out, one at a time, and after sorting them, put them back together again…in order to begin entangling another web!

Get out there and make a difference.

February turned up and love competitions fill the air,

My story isn’t in the running; a solo soul has no heart to care.

How do I participate in this fetish for triviality when I have no Valentine?

My heart twists because I have no one to call just mine.

And then, whoosh, reality dashes in!

What are you doing on the floor? Didn’t you hear the doorbell ring?

I pep me up. Give myself a mental hug, kiss, and a swift kick!

C’mon, girl you got to grin and bear it.

Remember those with no arms to get a hug?

And you sit there, feeling sorry because no one returned your hug?

Forget the tears and start to smile.

This self-pity isn’t worthwhile.

There’s a reason why there’s no one special for you.

Maybe there’s isn’t just one person, but a hundred who need you.

Go out there and find what they need.

Make sure they get it, have enough to eat.

And while you’re out there, do get them a warm bed to sleep.

Get them a roof over their heads and tell them to hold their head up high.

Give them a reason to build another life.

Don’t be special for just one person but make a thousand hearts smile!


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