When I can't think no more, and the thoughts crowd my head, I let them out, one at a time, and after sorting them, put them back together again…in order to begin entangling another web!

Movies and Life

All the movies that you have watched and related to in a deep manner are somehow the parts of your life. The movie comes to an end, but your life doesn’t. All through the movie you keep on feeling the emotion, and identifying with a character. You relate to their pain and sadness. The happy scenes trigger off a smile in your mind, recalling a moment shared in your life time. And the movie and you become entwined. But then the movie comes to an end. And your life is still going on. Those who left and caused you pain, somehow find themselves coming around. And then another movie comes along, and you realize that it’s telling your story one more time. You pause and you connect, something inside you causes you to reflect. Is that what happened to me? Should I have done something different? You become the protagonist and the deuteragonist and the tritagonist…. and you switch roles and feelings the way it feels true. and you want to explain something better, deny what is untrue. You become involved, and sink in to the movie. You feel challenged, and you feel dismayed. Something in your soul has been completely swayed. And then when you have risen to the peak of your feelings, you are smashed to the ground. Another movie has come to an end, another phase is over without a sound. You are left in a room and the credits are rolling up. You want to stay in that moment. You want to go back to the start. You don’t want it to end. But it does. So, you get up and continue. It’s over. You tell yourself. And you can’t hold on to it, no matter what you do. You let that moment slip though your subconsciousness. You learn to let the movie go. And let your life continue. You go on. You take your learnings from this story, and your movie memories. Weave them with the events of your life. Make new resolutions and make new plans. The characters have sired you up. You’re going for that morning run. and you are going to smile through your pain. You will let your lovers go, and you will learn to live again. You’ll be true, and you will be wise. Every moment is precious, every chance has to be tried. Life had come to a pause. The reel has shown you another side. Your life might have been in a rut, or running at breakneck speed. But you’ve had your two hours to pause and reflect, and all the memories that you wanted to recollect. It’s time to get up. Time for that coffee. time to move on. Until the next heart-wrenching movie comes along, to shake your core one more time, to make you let go, one more time. To make you hold on and love your life – one more time.


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5 thoughts on “Movies and Life

  1. Well I definitely have wanted to be a lot of characters from movies but never associated my life with them.Its quite a nice read though!

    • Thank you! This was quite an impulsive burst and like most of my other posts, it emerged as a tiny flame, and before I knew it, it was blazing to get out of my system. I did go by your blog, and I loved your honesty! Keep writing!

  2. Who Am I? on said:

    Life is a short movie and within this movie are shorter movies…and then there are cinema movies.

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