When I can't think no more, and the thoughts crowd my head, I let them out, one at a time, and after sorting them, put them back together again…in order to begin entangling another web!

Just for Me

Every now and then, I feel like writing things down. My thoughts are scattered all over the place, and I want to organize, pin them down. I start to travel with one thought sometimes, and a minute later I have something else distracting me. It appears to be infinitely more interesting. I know that if I just stuck with something long enough, there’s a good chance to create something worthwhile. But my ADHD gets the better of me!

I do think that it’s high time I admitted certain things. After all, admission of a problem is the first step to the resolution of that problem! How else will I be able to tackle the clutter in my house, life, and mind?

On another note, have you ever stopped to think that contrary to our self-proclaimed progressiveness, our thinking can be extremely biased? We are so given to finding fault, and so fearful of causing ripples, that it’s easiest to blame the victim when the situation creeps on us. In a consciously held thoughtful debate, of course, we will side with the right and vociferously put the blame in the right corner. Let me give you an example.

Within the insulated office walls, professional etiquette directs us to acknowledge the shorts-wearers in the cafeteria with a brief stare and a slight shake of the head. Provided these are men. Women wouldn’t even dream of wearing shorts in the office! No matter how liberated the office culture is! Coming back to my example, the shorts-clad men receive a unnoticeable stare and are dismissed. However, with women, it’s a slightly different story. The progressive-thinking, liberated colleague, will acknowledge the jeans and boots on the woman in the office, recognize that she looks smart, and unconsciously, but promptly, label her attention-seeking, and therefore, put a tiny question mark on her character – why does she want to attract attention to herself? Doesn’t she know that she is a woman? She needs to blend in the background, unobtrusively go about her job, never be noticed. Her success on the career ladder will, of course, be questioned, and commented on as well. If she has a male boss, she must have used her wiles to be promoted. If her manager is a woman, she has a gender bias.

I must point out here that this entire thought process is extremely unconscious, and the best of us are guilty of this slurring. Because we do not want to admit that we are capable of making this mistake, it becomes even easier to commit this error. And we go on, blissfully unaware that we are silently contributing to the bias against women. This phenomenon might be restricted to the urbane, educated, thinkers. But, geographically, it is quite boundary-less and global. The only time it comes to light is when the issue becomes too large to ignore, and we find ourselves standing with the wrong crowd. But, by then, it is often quite late, and we need to restart our battle for women rights, human issues, and minorities. Remember, that this battle needs to start from within. We need to fight our own prejudices first and work extremely hard to erode these out of our minds before we can hope to raise a strong voice against the rest of the world.



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